Output has expanded its range of studio gear with a complete high performance acoustic treatment system comprising absorbers, bass traps, and diffusers.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, the Eco Acoustic Panels were built in collaboration with sound science experts De-Fi, to create the optimal studio experience.

Acoustic panels are a form of acoustic treatment, aka the process of making a room sound more “neutral” so that it’s better for listening to music.

Acoustic panels come in many different materials, such as foam, canvas, or fiberglass. These materials, when placed on your walls, suck up unwanted reflections and resonances to improve the natural acoustics of your space.

Output’s Eco Acoustic Panels not only help your room sound great, they’re good for the environment. The hardwood mounts and recycled polyester panels used for the Absorber, Bass Trap, and Diffuser were all designed with the three R’s framework in mind as a guiding principle: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The Absorbers start from $449 USD / 479 EUR per pack, with double width models and extra add-on panels available as well. A set of two bass traps is $449 USD / 479 EUR, and the diffusers start from 449 USD / 479 EUR each. Various color options are available.

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