Output has launched a new Line pack for Arcade titled Brain Waves, featuring a collection of kits inspired by the revolutionary LA beat scene.

Full of neck-snapping drums, crackling loops, and woozy, futuristic synths to use in your own songs, Brain Waves is all about creativity through experimentation; using different digital FX to evoke nostalgia, jazz-influenced chord palettes, field recordings, the hypnotic sound of pumping sidechain compression.

The influence of the LA beat scene — fostered by entities like Flying Lotus, the late Ras G, and the iconic Low End Theory club night from the mid-2000s through the 2010s — can be felt globally across genres today, from the upper echelons of pop to the fringes of experimental music.

This fusion of hip-hop, jazz, and electronica helped cultivate a new generation of world-class artists. It’s easy to forget now, but Low End Theory played host to Odd Future’s first-ever show in 2010. (The group would reunite for LET’s final night in 2018.)

To celebrate this pioneering sound, we gathered a handful of our favorite tracks by various artists throughout the history of the LA beat scene to date. Want to make your own LA beat scene track? Output has you covered: Each song below is paired with a Brain Waves Kit that has similar sounds. Let’s dive into this genre’s unique production traits!

Brain Waves is now available to Arcade users. New users can try Arcade for free for 30 days.

More information: Output