Output has announced the release of REV, a collection of reverse instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

REV offers users the first chance to play instruments in real time in reverse and includes over 1,000+ presets spread over 4 unique engines. All sounds lock to tempo and work within all major DAW’s.

Engines include a wide array of filters, stutters and FX that can help the user tweak the sound both in the studio and on the fly.

REV features

  • REV is a collection of 4 unique engines:
    • Instruments – Real instruments, complex new sounds, pads, swells, pulses, plucks, percussion, etc. all playable in reverse in real time. FX, stutters and more.
    • Timed instruments – Set the note length (half, quarter, whole, etc.) and all instruments lock to tempo in length you choose.
    • Loops – Rises that lock (with and without tails) that are easy to tweak on the fly. Filter FX and sweeps built in. Never cut another rise.
    • Rises – Hundreds of source loops, with multiple octaves, speeds, stutters and fx – infinite possibilities.
  • REV has over 1,000 patches, including 14 GB of content (uncompressed).
  • ALL sounds lock to tempo and come with cutting edge features (filters, stutters, tweakable fx, trigger fx, on screen-help, etc.).
  • REVERSE sounds are universal. REV will find a home equally amongst producers, composers, artists, etc… anyone looking to push the envelope.
  • REV is built within Kontakt and is installable through Native Instrument’s Service Center.

REV for Kontakt is available to purchase for the introductory price of $199 USD.

More information: Output