Oval Sound has launched a Kickstarter project for Oval, a new electronic musical instrument which allows you to play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine.

There are other ways to enjoy music besides listening. You’re never too old or too young to experience the awesome feeling of playing an instrument and creating music.

Inspired by the HandPans family of acoustic instruments, the Oval design can be as simple for a beginner to start exploring music as a means of expression, or as complex as a professional musician wants to make it, as it allows you to change sounds and scales, layer samples, real time looping and go wherever the imagination takes you. It speeds up your music learning curve by leveraging the power of technology, gaming and sharing with others.

Most traditional instruments are linear, think of a guitar, a flute or a violin. The HandPan is meant to be performed in circles. The interface doesn’t have a beginning or an end, so you can join musical notes together in a fluid way. The notes have a radial position and are equidistant from the Ding, the central note that sets the tone of the scale. It allows you to both change and create sounds and it is also a tool for sharing your compositions with an on-line community of users.

OVAL became the first Spanish Kickstarter campaign to launch and it blew past its funding goal in less than two days. Backers can pre-order one for €499 (future retail price €599).

The project will be funded on July 12th, 2015. Various rewards are available for backers.

More information: Oval Sound / Oval