Overloud TH1

Overloud has announced TH1, a virtual guitar amp plug-in based on 4th-generation technology that boasts unique features not found in other virtual amplifiers.

TH1 delivers huge sound with flexible and intuitive control. Modeled after a wide variety of amplifiers, one of its most unusual features is its ability to “morph” between amps, so the guitar player can “build” his own personal amp. TH1’s Smart Control strip is a row of 8 soft buttons, pots and switches controlling the vital parameters of the current sound. The logic beneath these devices allows the user to control more than one parameter at once. The Smart Control strip and Preset Selection can also be controlled by host automation and MIDI control.

TH1 features

  • 15 Amps, 15 cabinets, 15 mics.
  • 3D-positioning of mics around guitar cabinets and in the room.
  • Virtual Cabinets.
  • In-line tuner.
  • At-a-glance photographic view of the signal chain.
  • MIDI pedal board support.
  • User-oriented amp channel switching.
  • Tons of ready-to-use sounds with up to 8 variations made to fit different song sections, or a full set.

TH1 will debut at the Winter NAMM show (at distributor ILIO’s booth). It will be released in Q2 of 2008.

Visit Overloud for more information.