Overloud has announced the release of its new Gems series audio plugin inspired to the legendary Dimension 320 modulation unit.

The Dimension unit offers a very soft and organic modulation. It was the go-to unit for vocals in the 80s and 90s but it can also be used on a full mix to increase the space perception without adding reverb. Its input section has a very musical harmonic generation when pushed into saturation.

The Gem Mod plugin allows to extend the original tone capabilities by adding many features not available on the analog unit:

  • Envelope controlled parameters: All the main parameters can be dynamically controlled by the input envelope.
  • Input Saturation: Push the input stage of the unit into saturation to drive its super-musical harmonic generation.
  • Custom LFO shapes: Experiment with LFO shapes different than the original, to change the motion of the modulation, or add resonances to transform the chorus into a flanger.
  • Stereo width control: Change the amount of the stereo width, from mono to double the original width.

Gem Mod is available as plugin in VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac. Apple Silicon processors are natively supported (no Rosetta needed).

Regularly priced $99 USD, the plugin is available for free until September 27th, 2021. Only 1,000 free licenses/day will be delivered.

More information: Overloud