P5Audio Cyber Monday Sale

P5Audio has launched its Cyber Monday Sale, a limited time promotion offering 65% off a selection of its sample libraries.

Save 60% or more off these premium products through Monday November 28th!

P5Audio Cyber Monday Sale

  • Crystalsphere Ambient Sample Pack – Ambient Pads, Loops, FX, textrues, soundscapes and atmospheres with some glitchy stabs included! Original: $14.99 Sale: $5.99
  • Ambient Odyssey Sample Pack – Nearly 150 Dark Ambient Music Loops, Atmospheric Soundscapes, Spacy Oscillations, LFO FX, Dark Chords inspired by Aphex Twin, Orkidea and more! Original: $24.99 Sale: $9.99
  • Beat Chemist Hip Hop Loop Sets – 20 Royalty FREE Multi-tracked Music Loop Sets inspired by DJ Alchemist, DJ Premier, the Runners and more! Featuring live sampled Piano, Strings, vocal fx, guitar, brass and more! Original: $44.99 Sale: $17.99
  • Bangin RnB Multitrack Drum Loops – 50 multitrack rnb drum loops in the styles of modern rnb artists Trey Songz, Jason Derulo, Ne-yo and more! Parts include kicks, snare, hats, fx and much more! Original: $29.99 Sale: $11.99
  • Miami Kingpin Loop Sets – 25 Hip Hop Music Loop Sets inspired by Miami Artists such as Rick Ross, T Pain, Trick Daddy and more! Including Brass, Strings, Keys, Synths and more! Original: $49.99 Sale: $19.99
  • Lollipop Divas Loop Sets – 29 Pop Music Loop Sets inspired by Pussy Cat Dolls, Lady Gaga, Pink, Britney Spears including live acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synths, and more! Original: $49.99 Sale: $19.99
  • RnB Addiction Loop Sets – 25 Mulititrack RnB Construction Loop Sets inspired by Ryan Leslie featuring Live Grand Piano, synth, live percussion and more! Original: $49.99 Sale: $19.99
  • RnB Billboard Bounce Construction Loop Sets – 20 RnB Construction Loop Sets inspired by Usher, Kanye, R Kelly and more! All parts are seperated including Rapid Synths. Organized into A and B sections! Original: $49.99 Sale: $19.99
  • Dr Rehab Hip Hop Construction Loop Sets – 26 Dre inspired Construction Loop Sets! All parts are seperated including Piano, Bass, Live guitar, Brass, Strings and more! Inspired by Dr. Dre, Eminem and more! Original: $54.99 Sale: $21.99
  • Modern Dance Synth Loops Producer Pack – Over 400 synth dance loops including the contents from Modern Dance Synth Loops volume 1 and 2! Melodies, patterns, chords, fx and more! Original: $64.99 Sale: $24.99
  • TimboNeptuned Up Kit – Nearly 350 custom drum sounds inspired by Timbaland and The Neptunes! Featuring snares, hats, tx, big kicks and more! Original: $34.99 Sale: $13.99
  • Dretastic Detox Kit – Nearly 350 hard hitting drum samples in the style of Dr. Dre! Formatted for software samplers and mapped out across the keyboard! Original: $34.99 Sale: $13.99
  • The King of ATL Construction Loop Sets – 25 Premium Dirty South music loop sets inspired by mega artist TI! All parts are separated! Original: $64.99 Sale: $29.99
  • Platinum Acoustic Guitar Lickz Producer Pack – Over 1100 acoustic guitar licks and chops divided into 131 kits mapped across the keyboard! Featuring Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul and dance music genres! Original: $69.99 – Sale: $24.99

All other sample packs are 35% off through November 28, 2011.

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