P5Audio RnB Billboard Bounce Vol.2

P5Audio has announced the release of RnB Billboard Bounce Vol.2, a collection of RnB music loops.

RnB Billboard Bounce Vol. 2 Loop Sets…It’s time for the sequel! By Popular demand P5audio is bringing you more of those chart topping hit tracks with volume 2 of our hit series RnB Billboard Bounce! We are once again experimenting with a new format. 21 Loop Sets divided into groups of three. Verse/Hook/Bridge.

RnB Billboard Bounce Vol.2 features

  • 21 construction loopsets in groups of three. When they are grouped together they make 7 song sets, complete with verses, hooks and bridges, including a total of 235 individual Loops.
  • Inspired by hit makers such as Jason Derulo, Iyaz, Trey Songz, Timbaland, Justin Bieber, Usher, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West.
  • All parts are seperated including Bass, Rapid Synth, Guitar, Keys, FX, Kick, Snare, Hat, and percussion.
  • Each Loop Set can be used to create a HOT Beat… but there is more! For each verse loop there is a matching “hook” loop and a matching “bridge” loop. If you put them all in the same song, you have an Instant Hit with a Verse, Hook and a Bridge set.
  • Use these Loop Sets as a set, or use them on their own. Mix and match however you like.
  • 12 of these loopsets contain live grand piano, recoreded through Neve® and Avalon® pre-amps, using class A Apogee® analog to digital converts.
  • Tempos and Key Signatures Included.
  • All loops have been processed using SSL® processing technology.
  • All loops are royalty free.

RnB Billboard Bounce Vol.2 is available to purchase as a download for $44.99 USD.

More information: P5Audio / RnB Billboard Bounce Vol.2