ParrotCan has launched with the release of some sample packs from and for musicians, producers and sound designers.

ParrotCan provides sounds from artists which contain particular elements of their releases, their taste or their craft. Their products, the so-called “CANs” make these sound sources playable in most music production and sound design areas such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Bitwig Studio, Kontakt, Maschine and Battery. All sounds are playable at any note and share the same tuning reference, so the user defines what category the sound is which leads to less categorizing and more thinking and creating outside the box.

The founders of ParrotCan are setting their CANs apart from construction kits, loop packs or presets that are polished by shiny reverbs, delays and other spatial effects that “cover” the source in a golden coat.

“Usually they won’t fit in your mix, but sound amazing in “solo”. We believe in strong source material and source material only.”

The leadoff CANs present 5 unique electronic music producers: Theatre of Delays, Sawlin, Nerk, Esdeto, and TheFranks.

Available for 19 USD/EUR/GBP each, CANs consist of 15-20 high quality playable instruments and 3-5 flexible drum kits.

For a limited time you will get a free CAN when signing up to the newsletter at ParrotCan.