Particular Sound has announced a new soundset for the VPS Avenger synthesizer instrument by Vengeance.

Synth Motions Vol. 1 features sounds made with old analog and digital synthesizers from the 80s, such as the Roland JX-3P, Jupiter, Juno, Yamaha DX9 and more.

Every sound was multi-sampled and glued together through an analog outboard. The samples were used to create 300 new patches for Avenger.

Back in the 80s, when Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown were flying around with their DeLorean through our cinemas, we were just in our early teens and played on the C64, Atari ST or similar machines while listening to music mostly made with analogue and digital synths from this epoche. We’re still in love with the old machines so we decided to create a hybrid library using analogue technology combined with digital processing.

Synth Motions Vol.1 – AVENGER Edition is our contribution to this time, 300 presets containing lush pads, plug sounds, digital bells and more, newly programmed using the digital and analogue technology to get back the old 80s vibe useable for synthwave, retro pop, retro wave, retro electro or actual genres. Every instrument was recorded without any effects like reverb or delay, use your own own trusty 80s reverb and delay and get your personal feeling. Welcome back to the 80s!!!

Synth Motions Vol. 1 features

  • 300 presets.
  • Includes Arp Sounds, Bass sounds, Bass Drone, Digital Bells, Lush Pads, SFX and Risers, Synth Strings, Plucky Sounds, Vocal Pads, Vocoder Vocals.
  • Based on uncompressed samples of the Synth Motions library.
  • Every sound was created from scratch with analog and FM synthesizers.
  • Processed through analog outboard.

Synth Motions for VPS Avenger is available for $39 USD.

More information: Particular Sound