Past To Future has announced the release of Lapsteel Guitar Chords, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The instrument library features a unique script that allows you to play realistic, nostalgic chords with just one finger.

Playable like an all-purpose weapon for many musical genres.

Every key has 30 alternative samples per note (RR) so that it still sounds more alive, like a cowboy on his wildest horse, yeehaw.

Lapsteel Guitar Chords features

  • Lapsteel Guitar Chords for Kontakt 5.4.3 or higher (48khz/24bit).
  • Clear and easy to use interface: One octave for basic chords / one octave for single tones.
  • 3 velocity layers for more guitar chord articulations on every key and real Round Robins
  • Easy control of playing sustain chord notes: Modwheel for sustain / black “c” for stopping sustain.
  • Mixable AKG BX-20 reverb control.
  • Mix ready (you get what you hear).
  • Over 1GB samples.

The library is available for purchase from Past To Future Reverbs for $15 USD.