Past To Future Samples has announced the release of a collection of impulse responses of the Fender Deluxe Spring Reverb.

Past To Future Samples Fender Deluxe Spring Reverb IR pack

The reverb tank of the guitar amp was recorded on a Telefunken M15 analog tape recorder.

We have recorded this cult sounding reverb tank of the 76 Silverface Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp on a Telefunken M15 Analog Tape Recorder using two tape formulas (BASF 911 & 468).

We have also recorded the reverb through Juno 106 Chorus to give some different cool variations.

The results are amazing! Just like You are recording your analog spring reverb from your amp to tape!

The IR pack is available for purchase for $10 USD.

More information: Past To Future Samples