Past To Future Samples has announced volume 2 of Untamed Drums, a drum sample library in Native Instruments Kontakt and Wav formats.

Past To Future Samples Untamed Drums Vol 2

We are back with the vol.2 of one of our best drum libraries! The crunchy, vintage-sounding, special Boombastic sound you know and love!

We used a 60’s Ludwig Blue Sparkle kit with a supro snare, Shure Se-30, UREI 546 Eq and our trusty Dbx 165a for THAT sound!!!

These drums will ALWAYS cut through in a mix with all the processing we have done to them!

As always they come with many articulations and round robins to make them more realistic!

The sample library costs $15 USD. The full version of Kontakt is required for the Kontakt instrument.

More information: Past To Future Samples