Past To Future Samples has announced the release of Untamed Grooves!, a new drum loop library with a playing style influenced by a mixture of crazy breakbeats, ’60s & ’70s Psych Rock, Bonham grooves, Ringo fills mixed with Hip-Hop and Funk rhythms.

Past To Future Samples Untamed Grooves

Imagine yourself going to a studio session where two crazy, groovy drummers just jamming out in this particular (and hard) playing style and you get the recording files at the end! No metronome, no drum machines just a drummer and their natural groove jamming away…

In this pack, you will find more than 20 unique beats played by two different drummers recorded in two different studios with different gear and miking techniques! These unique beats are ready to chop and used in your productions to your heart’s content!

Untamed Grooves! features

  • 24bit/48kHz Wav files.
  • Over 20 different beats, no metronome or loops.
  • Very useful for Hip-Hop producers looking for fresh drum breaks to sample.
  • Convert the grooves to MIDI for use with your drum machines.

The sample pack costs $15 USD.

More information: Past To Future Samples