Arracis Gold

Arracis Gold

This page contains patches and sound banks for Arricis Gold by H.G. Fortune, a synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

Arracis Gold VSTi Synthesizer’s most significant feature is the 4 x 8 osc step sequencer with adjustable gatelength + modulation on gatelength. With this step sequencer you can have a quite rhythmical output incl short blips (stepping among the oscillators in selectable sequence) plus mixing to the normal (steady) output signal for vivid Pad or Athmos. Thus it is easy to get really fascinating sounds even at the oscillator section only. In addition the 2 inbuilt filters provide further means for tweaking. Finally at the output section there is Spook fx and two delays in series incl. pan modulation for delay and direct out for stunning spatial movement in stereo. You might be amazed about the sophisticated sounds being possible with this easy to access synthesizer.

Download patches/sound banks

ID Title Sound designer
816 downloadArracis Xanthus LK Lloyd McKay
809 downloadArracis Gold Topaz LK Lloyd McKay
808 downloadArracis Soundgem LK Lloyd McKay

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