u-he ZebraCM

This page contains patches and sound banks for ZebraCM by u-he.

ZebraCM is part of Computer Music’s exclusive plug-ins which are bundled with the magazine. It’s a scaled-down hybrid of Zebras 1 and 2.

Note: ZebraCM patches can also be used with Zebra2.

Download patches/sound banks

ID Title Sound designer
832 downloadmc ZebraCM 143 MC
794 downloadCreate:Audio Dimensions Create:Audio
776 downloaddjtBMX ZebraCM Presets dj.tuBIG/MaliceX
633 downloadMC ZebraCM Set 3 MC
600 downloadMC ZebraCM sets 2 MC
561 downloadMC ZebraCM sets MC
560 downloadTeksonik ZebraCM Teksonik
539 downloadFamiliar Territory speccyteccy

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guslav gustav
guslav gustav

wow, thanx for the zebraCM patches, they are very good. they have a very contemporary, up to date sound. all the ones i have heard so far anyway, as i downloaded the lot.
the contributing artists have certainly explored the zebra synth thoroughly.. it is a surprisingly good synth for such simple architecture. i am constantly blown away by it, i think it is one of the best free synths available, and these patches have cetainly reinforced that idea, to me anyway.
have a great day and thanx again.