This page contains patches and sound banks by AbstractCats / T.S.George

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
1002 downloadHarmless Flowers Harmless
997 downloadCats In Heaven-15 Pads/FX Zebra
996 download2011 AC Dev Stage One Zebra
968 downloadFour ARPs Zebra
949 downloadIce Storm Dream Zebra
908 downloadAbstractCats Zebra Basses Zebra
828 downloadZebra2 AbstractCats Zebra
801 downloadCZynthia Set No-2 CZynthia
789 downloadSet No1 CZynthia

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3 Comments on "AbstractCats/TSG"

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Hey! Just realized that my sound banks from KVR are here as well :) Many thanks to whom ever added them!

I’m working hard on my site and new sounds this year. Thanks again for the add to rekkerd.


Thanks Ronnie :)

I should say there is no problem at all about adding, I thought it very nice to see some one adding my sounds elsware on the net. Also nice to see some one so out front with there faith, I try to follow the teaching of Jesus as well. Thanks again and God bless. Scott