Corin Neff

This page contains patches and sound banks by Corin Neff. You can check some of Corin’s music here.

Download patches/sound banks

1062 Little RainforestZebra
1049 Project Xebra Demo (20 patches)Zebra
1011 Zebra: One Shot KitsZebra
999 Project X-ebra (teaser)Zebra
966 Aspect WavetableZebra
950 Zebra - Aspect of the CombZebra
922 Absynth Journeys [Volume V]Absynth
803 Dark Resonations (Massive Bank 2)Massive
800 Absynth Journeys [Volume IV]Absynth
743 Absynth Journeys [Volume III]Absynth
733 Frozen SolidMassive
723 Absynth Journeys [Volume II]Absynth
717 Absynth Journeys [Volume 1]Absynth

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