Lloyd Mckay

This page contains patches and sound banks by Lloyd Mckay (aka lucknow13 / LK).

Download patches/sound banks

1010 Dark EquinoxSynth1
995 P0LARS-LK 2011Synth1
953 OZAmbient LKSynth1
940 X-Ploded-LKSynth1
921 LK-MonstronomoSynth1
909 LK-Kultura Synth1Synth1
816 Arracis Xanthus LKArracis Gold
815 Working Man's LPM-lkLazy PercuMat (LPM)
809 Arracis Gold Topaz LKArracis Gold
808 Arracis Soundgem LKArracis Gold
787 LPM STARS-LKLazy PercuMat (LPM)
783 LPM Augustus-LKLazy PercuMat (LPM)
747 AlioMODuel-lkAlioNoctis
745 LK Silver TreeAlioNoctis
738 Luck's RainbowSynth1
737 Chromas LKAlioNoctis

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