This page contains patches and sound banks by MC (mcnoone).

Download patches/sound banks

1061downloadMonomo Pulse (Demo)Diva
835downloadmc Zebra Vision2010Zebra
832downloadmc ZebraCM 143ZebraCM
770downloadZebra VisionZebra
633downloadMC ZebraCM Set 3ZebraCM
600downloadMC ZebraCM sets 2ZebraCM
561downloadMC ZebraCM setsZebraCM

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WOW! I’m new to synths trying to figure them out making some progress. How did you learn to make these patches? Was it all evolutionary or was it theory to application or some other method? I’ve been trying to learn by deconstructing others patches yours would be impossible for me to do so because of their complexity. I’ve learned which filters generally make certain sounds then try to combine them and sharpen or muddy them with certain fx options I understand whats going on in the arppegiator and most of the other zebra options if only on a cursory level.… Read more »


The Zebra Vision presets make use of all 4 XY pad controllers, and Modulation Wheel, in every preset. About 75% of presets contain unique premade arpeggiator settings within. Just change the mode to arpeggiator to hear them.
The arps can be further modified by using the arp mod knobs assigned in the “mod matrix”.
Turning on the last “delay” effect in the FX chain, will also change the way the arp sounds.
About 50% of presets contain AfterTouch settings.
I hope you enjoy them.


The first set contains 40 presets, with a folder for each format FXP,AU,H2P.
The set 2 contains 51 presets, FXP, AU, H2P formats.
The set 3 contains 129 presets. 38 new patches and 91 remixed patches from the first 2 sets. FXP,AU formats.
The set3 ZebraCM presets are much better than the other 2 sets. I hope you enjoy them.
Thank You.