Peter den Herder

This page contains patches and sound banks by Peter den Herder.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
1051 downloadNoise4U sound bank (64-bit version) TAL-NoiseMaker
993 downloadNoise4U sound bank TAL-NoiseMaker
948 downloadGate mate Stormgate1
806 downloadGatez Bank StormGate1
772 downloadImpulse Train soundset PolyIblit
722 downloadBank2 Synth1
697 downloadRed, white & blue bank 1-3 BLUE

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Oskar K.
Oskar K.

Is This Free? Can i use it for my Own Music Productions? Where i can download the Synth1? I Dont understand the Japanish Site. Can you give me a directlink to the Synth VST? Thank you very much.


Hi Oskar,

It’s a free synth and a free bank, so you can freely use it for your own music productions. Unfortunately much of the Synth1 site is Japanese. Select the “” file in this link ,and download it. Under the “” file ” you’ll see “…..@Installation(english)”, select this for installation info.
Installation info for my soundbank is found at the “read me” file enclosed in the “Synth1 Bank2” file.
There is an audio demo of my soundbank at at this link .


Oskar K.
Oskar K.

Thank you Very Much Peter. I Heard the Audio Demo. I Like the Demo. There a much very nice sounds in it. Definitely a good vst. Thanks Again and keep up the good work.