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This page contains patches and sound banks by Pro-Sounds.

Pro-Sounds is a group of professional sound designers, formed in 2003 by Alex Hapted, former owner of Patch Arena, and taken over in 2006 by Frank Genus (Design credits include factory work for Cakewalk, Image-Line, Devine Machine, Back In Time Records, and a long list of others). Pro-Sounds offers quality soundsets for a very affordable price, so check out their product range if you like the free soundsets and demos on this page.

Download patches/sound banks

833downloadPro-Sounds Genusis DemoVanguard
533downloadPS FireBird Pyromania DemoFireBird
529downloadFrank Genus PredatorPredator
528downloadLD-50 Demo (Legacy Collection)Legacy Cell
446downloadPS PPGWave 1984 DemoPPG Wave 2.V
445downloadPPGwave ProSounds Demo BankPPG Wave 2.V
444downloadProSounds Micron FreeSetMicron
443downloadProSounds BassStation LeadsBass Station
442downloadEMM Knagalis ProSounds EthnicityEMM Knagalis
441downloadProSounds Vanguard FreeSet 2Vanguard
440downloadVStation ProSounds V Variety DemoVanguard
439downloadPS CS80V Meta DemoCS-80V
438downloadPS Discovery Epiphany DemoDiscovery
437downloadPS Albino 3 YSS DemoAlbino
436downloadPS Albino YAG demo.Albino
435downloadPS FFOne FreeSetOne
434downloadProSounds Hydra demo bankHydra
433downloadProSounds Vanguard FreeSet 1Vanguard
432downloadVanguard PS SSS1 demoVanguard
431downloadVanguard ProSounds USO demoVanguard
430downloadVanguard ProSounds USB1 demoVanguard
429downloadVanguard ProSounds New Variants DemoVanguard
428downloadPS Vanguard SSS2 demoVanguard
427downloadPS Vanguard QTC demo BankVanguard
426downloadPS Vanguard CTE demoVanguard
425downloadPS FireBird Phoenix DemoFireBird
424downloadPS quadraSID THS1 DemoquadraSID
423downloadPlastiCZ PS Teksonik1PlastiCZ
422downloaddaHornet ProSounds Bundle 2.0 DemoDaHornet
421downloadPoizone PS BlackJackPackPoiZone
419downloadAdder Pro-Sounds Demo v1.1Adder

Find more patches by sound designers, plug-ins or check the latest additions.

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