Percussa Modulor

Percussa has released Modulor, an application developed specifically for the Percussa AudioCubes hardware.

It lets you record, loop, process and assemble musical information, to quickly develop musical ideas.

The software works with your existing MIDI keyboard and controllers, professional audio interface (CoreAudio or ASIO) and software virtual instruments (VSTs or AudioUnits).

Loops in the software can be easily put together by putting their physical representation together (AudioCubes). Powerful MIDI effects are available to process the recorded or live MIDI information.

Interacting with software instruments using your hands is easy using the onboard sensors of AudioCubes. Colours can be used on AudioCubes to colour-code looping recordings or MIDI effects.

When you’re done, save your work in bank files or export the result to a MIDI file, ready to be used in your DAW or other software, where more tracks can be added and you can start working on a mix.

Modulor is available for Windows PC and Mac OSX, free of cost.

More information: Percussa