Isotonik Studios has announced the release of Collection FOUR – Complete, a bundle of Ableton Live packs by Animus Invidious.

We started releasing the content for the PerforModule Collection FOUR a couple of months ago, now that our new webstore is up and running it’s time to complete the collection with the final two packs added as a bonus for all previous subscribers.

PerforModule Dynamixing Five

PerforModule Collection Four includes:

  • Bussification: A fully featured Ableton Live pack dedicated to working with Busses.
  • DynaMixing ONE: The original DynaMixing pack remixed and reborn for Ableton Live 9.
  • DynaMixing FIVE: 11 original Ableton Live Racks to assist with your Mixdown.
  • PMX FX PLUS: Inspired by the PMX Series which painstakingly samples the Casio PX-300 Digital Piano this pack includes 15 Audio Effects designed for Drums, Bass, Ambient, Pads, Mallets, Guitars, Harpsichords, Organs, Experimental, Pianos, Plucked, Rhythmic, Brass, Strings, & Woodwinds. As well as an additional 4 MIDI Effects which add supplemental functionality to guitar, bass guitar, & harp instruments. Includes Container Instrument with filter which follows played input notes.
  • Testy Mastering: A super-rack comprised of 6 sub-modules used for complete pre- or test mastering. Also Includes template set for immediate mastering including slots for reference songs. We’ve provided a robust tutorial in the lesson view giving workflow example to walk you through mastering & polish your mix up for soundcloud, the club floor, or for your mastering engineer. Dial in a respectable final loudness level which doesn’t over squash natural dynamics. Discover flaws in your own process. Learn, refine, and grow. Also includes dynamic-contrast-increasing “unmastering” rack.

The collection is available for purchase for £45 GBP.

More information: Isotonik Studios