Peter Dines ParamDrum TR Edition

Peter Dines has announced the release of the ParamDrum TR Edition, an instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor.

The main idea behind ParamDrum is to have a fun and fast way of not only prototyping beats, but of creating variations that can be saved and recalled either in live performance or recorded and arranged into the backbone of a track.

Changes in ParamDrum TR Edition

  • New GUI.
  • New core-based probability macro.
  • New morphable sample sets, grouped into sets of ten to twenty samples that gradually fade between two sounds, perfect for using with the sample select automation recorder.
  • New snapshots.
  • Daturator macro on panel B.
  • Pan controls for middle and top samplers.

ParamDrum TR Edition is available for purchase for $12.50 USD (full version of NI Reaktor required).

More information: The Unofficial Reaktor Tutorial Project