Pettinhouse DirectBass

Pettinhouse is now shipping DirectBass, an innovative 5 string bass sample library for NI Kontakt 2.2 that includes all the bass pickups.


  • 4 Gb (1860 unique samples) recorded at 24 bit 96 Khz directly to the sound card without any amplifiers and efx
  • Combined with amp simulators it allows users to create an infinite number of bass sounds
  • 5 articulations, 5 strings, 3 pickups ( Bridge, Bridge+Neck, Neck ) plus another picked bass were sampled for covering the entire range of bass styles
  • Each articulation is about 1 Gb and it includes 3 layers and 4 samples for each note in round robin. It means that anytime you press a key it plays four different samples avoiding the typical “machine gun” effect
  • All the samples were recorded taking care to capture the entire sustain and natural decay for unmatched realism
  • It is the perfect complement for studios and live performances

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