Isotonik Studios has announced the release of Phenotype, a sound pack by Limbic Bits for the Elektron Analog Four and Keys polyphonic analog synthesizers.

Created for producers of Ambient and Techno, the sound bank features a collection of 128 presets, 16 patterns and 15 kits. It includes lush pads, trippy dub chords, dark textures, melancholic leads, powerful basses, and a selection of drums and percussion patches.

If you like to make music with a minimal setup you’ll appreciate the 15 preconfigured included kits. Using Elektron’s great sound and parameter locks, this sound pack enables you to produce complete tracks.

Furthermore within Phenotype there is an extensive amount of experimental but still musically useful Drones and Textures as well as filigree FM-Sounds. If you like to make music with a minimal setup, you’ll appreciate the included drum sounds. We’ve added a small number of kicks for IDM and Techno, Hi Hats or rhythmic noises. Together with Elektron’s fantastic parameter locks you can program complete tracks just with this sound pack.

In many of the Patches we’ve set the LFOs to BPM sync to synchronise even more complex sounds easily to MIDI-clock. So you can quickly create smooth transitions, polyrhythmic beats and versatile Arpeggiator-lines.

The sound pack is available at the Isotonik Studios store, priced £22 GBP / 24 EUR / $26 USD.