Photosounder has released version 1.1 of SplineEQ, an equalizer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

SplineEQ is a linear phase equalizer plugin. Designed to be simple and flexible, SplineEQ allows you to create filters using Bézier splines, the best known way to design curves.

Changes in SplineEQ

  • Added vertical zoom so that the visualisation range can go from +60/-infinite dB to +/- 3 dB.
  • Added horizontal zoom up to 10x. The zoom level is control with the mouse wheel, moving left and right is done by holding the right mouse button.
  • New interface with redone graphics and 48-bit colour depth with dithering.
  • Selectable interface size in 3 sizes, 780×566, 1060×566 and 1220×666.
  • Latency reporting method changed for better latency compensation in some hosts.
  • Changed the way resolution and delay are calculated and extended the maximum resolution to 16 (equivalent to ~16,000 bins at a 44.1 kHz sampling rate).
  • Fixed the 64-bit VST on Mac.

SplineEQ for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is on sale for $19 USD until July 7th, 2014 (regular $29 USD).

More information: Photosounder / SplineEQ