Physical Music TimeFreezer

TimeFreezer by Physical Music is an extraordinary VST effect and instrument plugin which freezes audio in time.

The basic idea of TimeFreezer is a resynthesis of an analysed sound.

Infinite sound… Did you ever want to stop a sound just like a snapshot, so that it stays forever, without looping effects and without sounding like a synthesizer?

Then TimeFreezer is for you!


  • freezes any kind of audio in real time (VSTi version from audio files, wav and aiff)
  • holds complex sounds infinitely
  • morph to next hold with crossfades(->10s)
  • transform bandpass filter in real time
  • repitch the frozen sound in real time
  • denoiser adjustable
  • analysis time window adjustable
  • clipless volume maximizer switchable
  • 32 bit float high quality algorithms
  • all controls directly assignable with MIDI
  • VST compatible to most hosts

The VSTi version is playable with a MIDI keyboard or any MIDI control device and has two keyboard modes: 1 preset per key or transposing. It also has a hold button for notebook playing.

Every button and Fader can be automated except the “Hold” button. “Hold” can be replaced by a MIDI-note.

Unfortunately there is no demo available, but you can check some flash demos of both the effect and instrument plugins on the TimeFreezer website.

TimeFreezer comes as an VST effect and instrument and is available for Mac (PPC & Intel) and Windows for the price of $99 US.

Visit the TimeFreezer website for more information.