Arboreal Audio has launched a new loudness maximizer and multiband enhancer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

PiMax provides you with versatile and customizable saturation algorithms to dial in just the sound you need, from subtle saturation to sonic destruction.

PiMax is your new go-to enhancement plugin for any type of track, buss, or the final mix. Use it as your main saturator for any sound source, or as a final soft clipper to add density, warmth, or impact.

Slice your sound source into a maximum of four frequency bands for full control. Each band comes with input and output gains, as well as a width control. Bands can be soloed, muted, or bypass the saturation — perfect for granular control over a final mix or track group.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats, PiMax is on sale for the introductory price of $18.75 USD until December 31st, 2021 (regular $25 USD).

More information: Arboreal Audio