PinkNoise Studio PRO.TON3

PinkNoise Studio has released PRO.TON3, a refill featuring a virtual analogue synth with hardware based chorus.

PRO.TON3 is not a traditional refill. Neither is it a sampling library, filled with recorded presets or sounds of instruments. It’s more like a virtual analogue synthesizer that exploits the full power of Reason.

In addition to dry oscillator samples, PROTON3 contains different “chorused” versions of the oscillators as well (based on the Roland Dimension-D and Boss CE-1 hardware units).

PRO.TON3 features

  • Combinator bank: 118 patches in 6 categories.
  • NN-XT Bank: 410 patch in 9 categories.
  • NN-XT raw layers: 273 patches, variations of oscillators for creating new synth sounds.
  • NN-19 Bank: 153 patches, for compability reason.
  • multisamples: 1457 perfectly looped wav files.

PRO.TON3 is available as a download for 27 EUR (previous versions can be updated for 10 EUR). A patch demo of the PRO.TON3 refill in rps (Reason published song) format including 4 Combinator and 4 NN-XT patches is available for download (requires Reason v4).

Visit ReasonBanks for more information.