AlphaTheta EMEA Corporation has announced the release of the new VM series of near-field monitor speakers from its Pioneer DJ brand.

The VM-50, VM-70, and VM-80 active monitor speakers produce clear audio with fast-attacking, punchy bass. And, thanks to flexible DSP settings, the speakers can be tuned to suit the characteristics of a room, making them perfect for recreating a club sound when you’re DJing or providing a flat frequency response when you’re producing music in a home or professional studio setting.

Performing from home continues to grow in popularity as DJs livestream sets to friends and fans via online platforms and social media. To recreate the feeling of playing in a club, DJs need high-quality monitor speakers and, because every room reflects sound waves differently, it’s a huge advantage if they can tune the audio to suit the shape and characteristics of the space. Great aesthetics are also important, to help a DJ’s home setup look like the booth in a club.

Leaping forward from the popular Pioneer DJ S-DJX speakers, the brand-new design of the VM series units includes high-quality components and innovative features to deliver pure audio. With flat voicing, Class D amplifiers, and Aramid fiber cones, they accurately reproduce sounds from their original sources, including deep low-end frequencies thanks to the Vortex Bass Accelerator. The fresh design of the 4-mm-thick aluminum front baffle not only looks slick, but also helps to cut out unwanted vibrations. And, thanks to DSP control, you can easily tune the speakers to the room you use them in. Whether you’re working in a compact space at home or a larger, professional studio, you can choose from 16 EQ settings to find the perfect sound for the room.

The monitors will be available early to mid-April, at the following pricing per speaker (including VAT).

  • VM-50 (black), VM-50-W (white) 5.25-inch: £159 GBP / 179 EUR / $169 USD.
  • VM-70 (black) 6.5-inch: £219 GBP / 249 EUR / $229 USD.
  • VM-80 (black) 8-inch: £269 GBP/ 309 EUR / $289 USD.

More information: Pioneer DJ