Platinum Loops Dubstep Apocalypse

Platinum Loops has released Dubstep Apocalypse, its hardest dubstep sample pack to date.

Inspired by top dubstep artists like Nero and Skrillex, Dubstep Apocalypse takes you from melodic to demonic in just 4 bars. Dangerously straddling the line between Dubstep and Brostep, these grooves will hit you like blunt force trauma.

This sample pack contains 10 song construction kits that feature all the sounds you’ll need to create super heavy dubstep tracks in mere minutes. Phat drum loops, killer bass lines, raucous synths, melodic pads, nasty FX and more all combine to make this one sick sample pack.

Dubstep Apocalypse is available to purchase for $79.95 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops / Dubstep Apocalypse