Plogue Bidule

Bidule is a realtime modular creation studio aimed mainly at artists seeking a new environment with which to experiment.

With Bidule, you create your own live music-making environment, inserting audio and midi devices, ReWire Devices, VST/AU instruments and plugins. Patch them anyway you like, in realtime, while it plays. Bidule can run either as a standalone app or as a ReWire Device.

New in 0.9

New Features:

  • Bidule can now run as a VST/AU plug-in (available only to registered users)
  • Monitoring of inputs/outputs of a bidule (new context menu entry)
  • New Spanish translation (many thanks to BiCho)

New Modules:

  • Key Sender
  • MIDI Aftertouch Value Filter
  • MIDI CC Value Filter
  • MIDI Channel Pressure Value Filter
  • MIDI Note Closer
  • MIDI Note Velocity Filter
  • MIDI Pitchbend Value Filter


  • Basic Audio Buffer : added Clear Contents trigger input
  • Constant : added loaded files in Mediapool choices
  • Mixer : you can double-click on the Volume label to change the channel strip label
  • OS X : you can drop supported audio/MIDI files on the dock icon to add them to the Mediapool
  • OSC MIDI : detune parameter is now optional
  • Unit Converter : added MIDI 7bit to/from [0,1] normalized

There are also many bugfixes. Visit the Plogue website for more information and a time limited demo.