Plugin Alliance Giveaway: The BIG 4 Bundle

Plugin Alliance

Dirk Ulrich of Brainworx recently launched the Plugin Alliance, a one-stop shop for several plug-in developers.

These currently include Maag Audio, Elysia, SPL, Vertigo, Brainworx, with plug-ins from Millenia, Chandler, Neve, and Charter Oak to be expected in 2012.

Easy license management, hassle-free installation, great sound and reliability. One license file for all your plugins, that´s it.

While I do use a few plug-ins that require a hardware dongle, I totally prefer not having to use them. I think it’s pretty exciting Plugin Alliance has created this software based system for managing all licenses of Plugin Alliance plug-ins in one place.

If you are interested in checking out how all this works, just head on over to the Plugin Alliance website and get some (or all) of the free plug-ins from Elysia (niveau filter), SPL (Free Ranger), and Brainworx (bx_cleansweep V2 & bx_solo).

But wait, there’s more!

Plugin Alliance The BIG 4 Bundle

Plugin Alliance has kindly donated a free copy of The BIG 4 Bundle (value $777 USD), to be given away to one lucky reader.

The BIG 4 Bundle includes:

  • bx_XL M/S Mastering Limiter – The new Loud!
  • elysia alpha compressor – all discrete M/S Mastering Compressor
  • SPL Passeq – 72 coil filters Monster EQ
  • Vertigo VSC-2 – “The Mercedes of VCA Compressors” (Vintage King USA)

This bundle will give you a rock solid and tight mastering chain or stereo bus setup. The bx_XL, Passeq and alpha Compressor all work in M/S modes optionally.

To enter the giveaway you need to answer the following questions:

  1. bx_XL is based upon the M/S technology from which other Brainworx plug-in?
  2. Which switchable frequencies are available for the sidechain hipass filters on the Vertigo VSC-2?
  3. The elysia alpha compressor plugin offers a signal coloration different from the hardware unit, what is this mode called?
  4. How many different sets of adjustments can be saved within one instance of SPL’s Passeq?

Make sure to send in your answers before March 17th, 2012, 11:59PM CET for a chance to win a copy of The BIG 4 Bundle. The winner will be randomly chosen from all correct entries, and announced on this page on March 18th, 2012.

Good luck!

More information: Plugin Alliance

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To be honest!
I don’t like it plugin alliance in all cases…
It mades higher prices than before whos all not was plugin alliance!

Thats for me personally not fine and i hate challenge/response in all ways.

It is the worst idea in the recent time!



Hey Krypto. Are the prices really higher? Looks like Plugin Alliance pricing is VAT inclusive.

About the C/R, I see what you’re saying. I personally dislike dongles way more than C/R. Obviously I prefer not having to fuss with copy protection systems at all. A simple serial key will do…


Hi Ronnie Yes that’s right about copy protection are serial also my favorite way! Now we see that you “like” more C/R and i like more a key. Why i hate C/R are when tomorrow the company close, then you are without any chance but with a key can you have longer if you look that the key don’t destroy it. I am sure that the price are now higher as before. Of course incl. VAT. Concerning BX Plugins i am not really sure…but SPL, Elyssia i am sure. And there are as example SPL on all 20% higher….it seems… Read more »

Dean Stockwell
Dean Stockwell

Really great giveaway/some top-notch tools in the Plugin Alliance Big Four Bundle. As i said i was going to enter if i really needed any of them but as it is that bundle does not have any of the plug-ins i really need. So i shall not be entering this fine giveaway Ronnie as there are certainly people whom would benefit from the four processors more than i would. Thank you for the heads up though and again I really appreciate it my friend.

All the best your way as always man



Thanks, Dean. Many people have showed interest in this bundle so it’s great you up the odds for those who really want/need the plugins. You’re a gentleman and a scholar :-)



Many congratulations to David Sui, the winner of the giveaway. The Big 4 Bundle will be coming your way soon!

Thanks all for participating, and good luck next time.

Johnny A.
Johnny A.

Congratulations to David! :) I already had half of these plugins so I’m not too gutted about losing.