Plugin Alliance has announced new plugins from SPL and Noveltech, to be released via the Plugin Alliance platform.

Plugin Alliance SPL and Noveltech preview

If you ask professionals about the best choice for an easy fix for the most common vocal problem you will most likely hear about the SPL De-Esser. We’re releasing Analog Code plugin emulations of BOTH versions, the Classic 9629 and the new RackPack Dual-Band De-Esser this month. We even added M/S modes for mastering purposes.

Info about the SPL De-Esser hardware: please click here.

The NOVELTECH Character plugin was available exclusively for the discontinued TC POWERCORE platform so far. A new cooperation between the Plugin Alliance and Noveltech (from Finland) will now make this innovative plugin available for all native formats and TDM / VENUE systems. Right now the plugin is undergoing some small adjustments and a facelift for a great new look (see the picture above, showing the work in progress). Please stay tuned.

The Character plugin uses Noveltech’s IAF (Intelligent Adaptive Filtering) technology, which affects both the frequency response and dynamic properties of the input material in a highly time varying sense. Offering results you simply cannot achieve with traditional EQ or compression.

Info about Noveltech’s Character plugin: please click here.

The new plug-ins will be available from Plugin Alliance this March.

More information: Plugin Alliance