Plugin Alliance has announced the release of SPL’s brand new plugin PQ Mastering Equalizer, a fully parametric, dual-channel 5-band equalizer, based on SPL’s pioneering 120V rail technology.

The plugin allows you to switch each band between constant and proportional Q modes with the push of a dedicated button.

Each of the five bands of the PQ can be independently activated, deactivated, or switched between Constant Q and Proportional Q modes for even more targeted cuts and boosts. Thanks to the “1/4 Gain Switch”, you can reduce the range of the EQ from +/-20 dB down to +/-5 dB cut or boost to easily perform the small corrections common in mastering. And, with the detented potentiometers, precise settings are easy to dial in.

Brainworx’ familiar “Extra Unit” adds features to this legendary EQ that cannot be found on the original analog units. This retractable module includes Tolerance Modeling Technology, M/S Processing, Mono-Maker, Stereo Width, THD, Auto Listen for all five bands and more, providing everything you need in the modern digital domain.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, the SPL PQ is on sale for the intro price of $99.99 USD for a limited time (regular $349 USD).

It is also available at the PA Rent-To-Own platform at $24.99 USD/month, and the plugin is also added to MEGA and MIX & MASTER at no extra cost, and available for existing FOREVER 29 users.

More information: Plugin Alliance