Plugin Boutique has launched the ACE+ Bundle, a value pack comprising the ACE virtual synthesizer and three sound packs with a total of 192 presets at a discounted price.

PIB u he ACE Bundle

u-he’s ACE is a semi-modular powerhouse that delivers a classic analogue sound through its excellent core modules and incredible routing capabilities.

Featuring a host of oscillators, LFOs, filters, envelopes and more, ACE’s versatility means any one of these modules’ outputs can be routed to any input for endless sound design experimentation.

ACE features

  • Semi-modular architecture, with default routing like ARP 2600.
  • 25 signal sources, 30+ signal targets.
  • Up to 8 times unison with +/-2 octave detune range each.
  • Exceptional filters, can self-oscillate.
  • LFOs can be used as VCOs and vice versa.
  • Sync, FM, cross modulation.
  • Use multiples for inversion, amp / ring modulation etc..
  • Custom LFO waveform “tap map”.
  • Microtuning (Scala .tun standard).
  • 100% free of Supersaws!

Now exclusively at Plugin Boutique, you can get ACE with three Resonance Sound preset expansions for even more sound design possibilities.

CFA Sound’s award-winning preset design skills give you full control to expand ACE with powerful wavetables, beautiful plucks and analogue drums, plus many more.

The u-he ACE+ Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and only available for a limited time only. It costs £84.95 GBP / $110 USD.

More information: Plugin Boutique