Plugin Boutique has announced the Worldwide Bundle, a limited time collection that comes equipped with over 350 instruments from across the globe.

The bundle includes Garritan World Instruments, Atsia Percussion and Silk Road Percussion from Sonivox, and Indian Sessions Vol. 4 and Latin Horns, two pro audio sample packs from Loopmasters.

PIB Worldwide Bundle

Offering obscure instruments from every continent, this collection will suit those looking to layer interesting instruments for a cultured sonic depth to their music or score.

Garritans World Instruments is a unique and comprehensive sound library carefully recorded from around the world. From traditional Chinese orchestras to Gamelan ensembles, from Taiko groups to Bollywood bands, World Instruments gives you the tools to expand song-writing potential.

Two virtual instruments from SONiVOX focused on drum, and percussion sounds from the Middle East, Africa and South America have all aspects when it comes to intricate grooves and rhythm sections. Combined with two Pro Audio Loopmasters sample packs of Indian and Latin sounds, the Worldwide Bundle is precisely the collection you need to take your sound on a journey!

The Worldwide Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique, priced at £74.95 GBP / $99 USD.

More information: Plugin Boutique