Joshua Casper takes a look at some of the best software synthesizer instruments for any budget in a new video on Plugin Boutique’s YouTube channel.

The point here isn’t to sell you the more expensive ones, it’s actually to let you know that you can get high quality release ready sounds from any of these synths. So, I will let you know some key features for each of them, their price and play a few sounds as well. The rest is up to you.

One final note before jumping in, a quick caveat about the list and it’s a good one, depending on when you are watching this. As of this moment, 3 of these 5 synths are on sale… and not just a couple percentage points, 50% or more. So, the list order is subject to change, but I put the current price and the normal list price for each.

Check the links below for more details on the synths included in the list:

  • Union by SoundSpot (£29 GBP).
  • Pigments 4 by Arturia (£88 GBP).
  • Hive 2 by u-he (£134 GBP).
  • DRC by Imaginando (£79 GBP).
  • Massive by Native Instruments (£39 GBP).