PlugInGuru has launched Airwave Volume 1, a sound library by Trance/Progressive House producer and DJ Laurent Veronnez for the Omnisphere 2 instrument by Spectrasonics.

Airwave Vol 1 includes a huge variety of Rhythmic Bass, Chord, Lead and Drum patches that are all tempo sync’d to your DAW. Creative use of the Arpeggiator combined with Mod Envelopes create complex patches that do far more than typical patches can do. Laurent also created accurate patches from the Korg O1W (Flutter FX), pads from the Roland JD800 and synth sounds from the JD2080. There is also some unique Lead, Pad and SFX patches as well to round out the collection.

With up to 8 parts in a single Multi, every one of these multis sound like a complete Trance / House Album that you can play with and interact with in realtime from your keyboard, according to PlugInGuru. Since these sounds are all generated by Omnisphere 2 in real-time, you can edit any element you want to change these Multis to work for your own music productions. Please watch the video below to see these in action. Future videos will go even more in depth with how to work with Multi’s and your DAW.

To round out the Airwave Vol 1 library, 26 different Effect Rack presets by Airwave are included. These offer complex effect configurations that are easily loaded with a button click. The Ultimate Classic Lush Reverb preset produces a magical reverb by placing delay/chorus units before and after the reverb. This is just one of the 26 presets. There is also 160 Effect Rack presets by John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl that will soon be included with all patch libraries for Omnisphere. Useful Mix, Distortion and many other effect presets are found in this collection of rack presets.

Airwave Vol 1 is available for the introductory price of $31 USD until July 1st, 2015 (regular $35 USD).

More information: PlugInGuru / Airwave Volume 1