PlugInGuru has released Kid Anthem, a collection of 300 “Bread and Butter” patches by Allen Polley for the Omnisphere 2 instrument from Spectrasonics.

PlugInGuru Kid Anthem

Allen created all the patches from scratch and they all include modulation wheel changing the sounds in sometimes radical ways.

The 300 patches have presets for a huge range of categories including: Bass, Bell, BPM (Bass, FX, Lead, Synth & Vox), Drum, SFX, Guitar, Keyboard, Lead, Pad, String, Synth, Textures, Voice and Voice phrases.

Kid Anthem features

  • 300 Patches for Omnisphere 2.1 (or later).
  • Includes 25 bass, 14 bell, 51 bpm (bass, fx, lead, synth & vox), 20 drum, 39 fx, 13 guitar, 19 keyboard, 21 lead, 21 pad, 10 string, 24 synth, 27 textures, 8 voice, 8 voice phrases.
  • Bonus Presets from PlugInGuru for EG / Arpeggiator / Effect Racks (included with every Omnispehre library).

Kid Anthem for Omnisphere 2 is available for purchase for $25 USD.

More information: PlugInGuru