PlugInGuru Power Pack for Massive

PlugInGuru has released Power Pack for Massive, a collection of sounds for Native Instruments Massive.

A total of 80 AWESOME sounding patches for Massive made by Skippy that use all of the tools Massive offers huge booming basses, pristine beautiful bells, “BPM” Tempo Sync’d patches, lush bright and warm synth pads, aggressive fast synth patches, unique lead synth patches, SFX patches, Guitar, Keyboard and Wind patches to round out the Power Pack !

Every program also has a set of 8 Real-Time performance knobs. Skippy spent a HUGE amount of time dialing these knobs to make each patch able to MORPH into thousands of variations. The Power of MASSIVE comes not only from the engine but how by how easy it is to WARP a sound into something completely different that what you started with…… This Power Pack is SO MUCH MORE than just a bunch of new basic presets !!

This POWER PACK will take MASSIVE to the TOP of your short list of must use Virtual Instruments !!

Power Pack for Massive is available to purchase for $39 USD. A free demo bank featuring 12 patches is available to download from the product page.

More information: PlugInGuru / Power Pack for Massive