Plugmon has announced the release of Bazi Toh Foo for Bazille and Pokemod X & Y for Diva, two free skins for the Bazille and Diva synthesizer instruments by u-he.

Plugmon Bazi Toh Foo

Based on “Gearporn”, but it has SLIDER style envelope. It also has the same style effects and preset manager as DIVA Pokemod. It’s kinda just an ordinal theme except for these 3 points. It somehow has Japanese color and taste with KAWAII knobs.

Bazi Toh Foo features

  • Based on “Gearporn” but 40px taller.
  • Slider Style Envelopes.
  • More Reactive Output Meter.
  • Big Preset Pane.
  • Ultra-usable Delay effect design.
Plugmon Pokemod X & Y for Diva

“Pokemod X&Y” is the theme based on the same mind as “Zebra Pokemod”.

Diva Pokemod X & Y features

  • Fully made for Retina display.
  • No Wood, which uses up 80px widths.
  • No queer mod panel. All knobs inside the modules.
  • Easy morphing with X & Y pads.
  • Super usable Delay effect design.

The skins are available for download at no charge.

More information: Plugmon