Plugmon has announced the release a new expansion pack for the Hive 2 software synthesizer instrument from u-he.

FM Anthem features a collection of 100 custom UHM wavetables which replicate FM/PD synthesis waveforms, including DX, CZ, OLP, and MX series waveforms.

Plugmon FM Anthem for Hive 2

UHM(U-He Math) is the wavetable scripting language developed by u-he, introduced in 2018.

UHM can generate very high quality wavetables expressed by math and logical formula. We recreated FM/PD algorithm inside scripts, and reproduced genuine sounds of that kind.

The expansion includes 161 presets:

  • 48 Basses.
  • 33 Keyboard Sounds.
  • 23 Leads (Mono).
  • 12 Leads (Poly).
  • 21 Pads.
  • 14 Percussions.
  • 10 Arp/Seq.

The expansion is available for purchase for $14 USD for a limited time (50% off regular). The pack requires Hive 2.0 and is not compatible with other synths.

More information: Plugmon