Plugmon has announced the release of Massive Modular, a skin pack for the Zebra 2 synthesizer instrument by u-he, featuring a NI Massive style modulation system.

Plugmon Massive Modular for Zebra
Plugmon Massive Modular modules

Plugmon Massive Modular osc

Plugmon Massive Modular seq

Plugmon Massive Modular mseg

Plugmon Massive Modular xy

Plugmon Massive Modular patches

Use some tricks and implement the fine modulation UI similar to that of NI Massive. This also saves the space so it’s pretty tidy! Many knobs got a bit larger.

This skin was born of my old product (Pocket Modular), so it has all the features that Pokemod has.

Massive Modular features

  • “Massively” improved modulation system.
  • Each module has its own character; everything is re-designed.
  • Large OSC Editor.
  • Large Sequencer.
  • Center panel now has tabs, from which you can access the mod matrix, mini XY and preset information.
  • Many other minor improvements.

Massive Modular is available for purchase for $24.99 USD. A purchase includes the Pocket Modular Skins, Quick EDM soundset, and 3 bonus Tyrell N6 skins.

A free demo of the Massive Modular skin is available for download (OSC3 & 4 are disabled, and many “Free Trial” stamps on modules).

More information: Plugmon / Massive Modular