Plugmon has launched Quick EDM, a soundset for the Zebra synthesizer instrument by u-he.

“Quick EDM” is a really basic, standard EDM sound set. All the patches are practical, and are neatly categorized.

The detailed categorization enables you to look for the sounds without annoyance.

Quick EDM features

  • 357 (+54) patches in total (*alt. cutoff … Patches whose settings are all the same except Cutoff).
  • Includes 9 Arps, 31 Decay Basses, 54 Hard Basses (+3 alt. cutoff), 13 Soft Basses, 28 Wobble Basses, 25 Decay Leads, 44 Hard Leads, 14 Soft Leads, 34 Hard Pads (+18 alt.), 31 Soft Pads (+3 alt.), 19 Hard Plucks (+20 alt.), 39 Soft Plucks (+10 alt.), 7 Percussions, 11 SFXs.

The soundset also includes the Pocket Modular Skin, a completely redesigned, easy to use, exciting & creative UI.

Plugmon PokeMod

Pocket Modular Skin features

  • Ready for Retina Display.
  • Taller than original (+40px).
  • Impressive color distinction.
  • EVERY module has its own design.
  • 2 different styles: Vintage or Modern.
  • Logically reordered, easy to see.
  • Big OSC editing pane.
  • Mini Mod Matrix.
  • Direct XY access in XY Tab.

The soundset (incl. PokeMod skin) is available for purchase for $14.99 USD. A demo of the skin is available for download.

Contents will be updated and some new bonuses will be added when more as more people get the pack. This includes filter-dependent designs, extended skin & Tyrell N6 skins, a Pocket Techno soundset, and another innovative skin.

More information: Plugmon