Ornament Uncle has introduced Plugwire, a solution for using Windows VST plugins on Mac OS X.

There are plenty of nice free and commercial VST plugins available only for Win. As probably most of you already know, they might be used in your OS X DAW with Wine (wacvst, VFX). Or with a virtual machine (VirtualBox, Fusion). Or a networked Win old machine.. I’ve tried and thoroughly tested every single one of these options only to end in disappointment. However, initially this post was all about painstakingly setting up wacvst.

But instead of refining and updating the wacvst post as intended, I finally came to a more decent conclusion. Actually bringing back a three years old idea of mine and improving it so I can share it with you, would be the only way to go in using the smoothest and easiest to setup method of having Win VST plugins in the mix as well.

Plugwire is available as a free download.

More information: Plugwire