PolyValens VL1 Casio VL-Tone emulator

PolyValens (Clemens Valens) has released VL1, a freeware Casio VL-Tone emulator.

VL1 is a emulator of the world famous classic calculator annex mini-synthesizer from the eigthies made by Casio.
VL1 was written in honour of Casio’s little VL-TONE that has given me many hours of pleasure and fun.


  • Two channels, one for the rhythm sounds and one for the synthesizer The synthesizer is always on MIDI channel 1, the rhythm sounds are on MIDI channel 2
  • Three rhythm sounds (MIDI notes C3 (60), D3 (62) and E3 (64))
  • Unlimited instances of VL1 (as long as your system supports it)
  • 5 presets + 1 user programmable sound
  • Desktop calculator

Memorieeees! Check it out at PolyValens‘ website.