Polyverse Music has released I Wish, a granular note freezer plugin by electronic duo Infected Mushroom.

I Wish is a​ granular note freezer​. When a note is hit, the plugin plays a tiny loop at the wavelength of that note. That loop has the pitch of the note, with the frequency content of the audio input. T​his allows the creation of an array of highly musical effects, ranging from robotic speech, through glitchy effects, to out of this world synth sounds.

The idea for this plugin idea came from Infected Mushroom’s work on their famous track, “I Wish”, in which they manually chopped and edited tiny loops for several days in order to achieve the desired special effect. This plugin creates the same effect, but instantly, instead of several days. Now that I-wish has arrived, Infected Mushroom have found numerous more uses for the plugin and have been using it extensively in their latest album “Converting Vegetarians 2”.

Infected Mushroom: I Wish for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase at Polyverse Music and from distributor Plugin Boutique for $99 USD.